Sidetrip to Aru islands

Sidetrip to Aru islands

I went to Dobo on the Aru islands for 3 nights in June 2015. I stayed with a very nice family that I previously met on a Pelni boat from Ambon to Banda.

I didn’t do a lot of sightseeing as I was only there for 3 days and never left the island of Pulau Warmar where Dobo is located. There is a very nice beach near Dobo:

Beach near Dobo - Aru islands
Beach near Dobo

The market area is nice as well and a good spot for photos:

Dobo market on the Aru islands
Dobo market

There were no other tourists here and I’ve never heard of a tourist coming here either. The people are very friendly and welcoming:

Bemo near Dobo
Bemo near Dobo

This isn’t an essential stop and it is well off any kind of tourist trail. If, as I do, you enjoy going to places without any tourists you will probably like it as well. I hope to return someday.


There are flights to Dobo from Ambon and there have previously been flights from Kei as well. There are also Pelni and other more frequent ferries that travel between Dobo and Tual (about 8 hours).

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