The combined city of Langgur and Tual are separated by a bridge with Tual on the East side and Langgur on the West.  Almost anything practical that you want to do will have to be done in this area.

Langgur - Tual

Here is list of the practical stuff:

1. Gota – This is ‘the’ supermarket in Kei and has all of the normal food and household wares.   Cheap soft ice cream is sold next to the tills and there is also an air-conditioned CFC fast food restaurant.  The ATM’s in Kei are located next to Gota and you may not want to ever leave the ATM vestibule as it has some of the best air conditioning in Kei!

2. Langgur market (Pasir Langgur) – The largest market in Langgur is located on the edge of Langgur in the direction of Pasir Panjang and Ohoidertawun.   There are extremely frequent bemos running between Tual, Gota and Pasir Langgur.  Bemos going to many communities in Kei leave from Pasir Langgur.  It is also a good place to get fish photos and go shopping.  Fruits and vegetables are cheaper here than at Gota.  There is also a similar sized market on the Tual side but the Langgur market is a bit easier to get to from most places.

3. – This travel agency is very useful for buying plane tickets.  It is about a block toward the bridge from Gota.

4. Immigration – The Kei islands are a surprisingly great place to extend your Indonesian visa.  It can be much cheaper and faster to do it here than other places in Indonesia.  ‘Kontor imigrasi’ is located in Tual next to the Pelni office.   The bemos traveling the main Langgur/Tual route can drop you off..

5. Pelni office – Located in Tual, this the place to buy tickets for Banda, Ambon and other islands.  The Pelni port is in Tual and ships to Banda aren’t very frequent (every 1-2 weeks) so if you are planning to visit Kei and Banda, it is best to know the Pelni schedule beforehand.

6. Toko Sumber Jaya – They have food and good rates for changing money.  They also speak fluent English and enjoy assisting tourists.

I have met tourists that stayed at hotels in Langgur and used it as a base for daytrips, but I wouldn’t personally recommend it unless you really need internet access, hot water, or have a special fondness for Indonesian cities.


Truck in Langgur
Truck full of people in Langgur

The first time I went to Langgur in 2013 I didn’t know much about Kei so I went to the tourist information office.  It was really funny because they didn’t have any information and everyone wanted to take a picture with me.


The newly renovated Hotel Grand Vilia is the only posh place to stay, I stayed there a couple of times this year (2017).  It is very nice but expensive for Indonesia (I paid 540,000 IDR/night in July).  They also have free airport transfers with an overnight stay.

Hotel Wisma Matahari is a nice budget option.  A fan room here cost me 135,000 IDR/night in July 2017.


Hotel Grand Vilia also has the best food in Langgur.  The restaurant has interesting menu options and a really nice semi-open seating area by the pool.

Warung ‘R.M. Sederhana II’ has tasty gado gado for 13,000 IDR across from the Langgur market.

Warung ‘Mas Joko’ has barbeque fish and chicken and is located between Gota and the bridge across from BRI Bank.  This is an excellent mid-range option, but they are only open in the evenings.

CFC – Typical fast food fare and conveniently located next to Gota and ATM’s.