Best places to eat in the Kei islands

Best places to eat in the Kei islands

The Kei islands aren’t Paris (or Jakarta) but there are some good places to eat.  It isn’t easy to find restaurant information in Kei so this post should be helpful:

1.  Forganza Cafe

This isn’t really a cafe but it is a superb restaurant.  There is a beautiful view and a tranquil seaside atmosphere as well.  In addition, the prices are quite reasonable.  It is popular with locals and I highly recommend eating here at least once during your stay in Kei! (Forganza Cafe Facebook page)

2.  Grand Vilia Hotel

The most upscale place to eat in Kei has a varied menu with items you won’t find at other Kei establishments.  It is however a bit on the expensive side, especially for Indonesia.  They also have an excellent buffet breakfast included if you choose to stay with them. (Grand Vilia restaurant’s homepage)

3.  R.M. Sederhana II

Located across from the Langgur market, this restaurant is very different from Grand Vilia.  It has basic decor but excellent and very cheap gado gado.  I love gado gado!

4.  Cafe Corner (Kimson Cafe)

This cafe is a great place to stop for a snack, light meal or coffee.  Unlike Forganza, this is actually a cafe.  Cafe Corner is located in central Langgur, about a block from Gota.  They have air conditioning and fast Wifi!

5.  Mas Joko

There are barbequed fish and chicken meals on offer here.  They have Inexpensive and good food that is popular with locals (evenings only?).   Located in central Langgur across from the large BRI.

6.  Food stands

There are a lot of food stands at Pasir Panjang (Ohoililir/ Ngurbloat) beach and some at Evu as well.  My favourite food stand in Kei is in Ohoidertawun and they have excellent rujak.

7.  Elat – Penginapan Elat (Kei Besar)

The only restaurant I know of in Kei Besar is the small one at Penginapan Elat.  They have nice fried chicken.

8.  Other options

There is a large supermarket at Gota.  Also, the Langgur and Tual markets both have fresh fruit and vegetables along with a lot of smaller shops.  If you are in Kei during Ramadan, don’t miss the nightly food stands near the Langgur-Tual bridge.


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The map page has the location of the places mentioned in this post.  Selamat makan!

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  1. Benar itu.
    We’ve been there twice during our holiday on Kei, because of the beautiful place and very good food.
    I’ll recommend this restaurant too !!! (Forganza Cafe)

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