8 Best Kei Besar waterfalls

8 Best Kei Besar waterfalls

Yes, I am now up to 8 waterfalls on Kei Besar.  There are at least 2 more waterfalls that I haven’t been to.  These are all time consuming to get to from Kei Kecil and even from Elat on Kei Besar.   They are all worth seeing but it is does take a lot of time and effort.  I’ve now been to Kei Besar 4 times for a total of 12 days and I have yet to see another tourist.  Tourists do come here, although I’d be surprised if any of these waterfalls see more than 50 foreign tourists/year. You can expect to jump over or wade through water in many places en route.  Also note that these waterfalls will change depending on rainfall and what season it is.  Dry season is from August-October and wet season is December-May.

1. Hoko waterfall

If you can only see one waterfall in Kei Besar, this is the one!  The waterfall is compelling and the swimming area is just brilliant.  You can swim under the falls and in behind too.  Absolutely perfect on a hot day!  It is about 1.5 hours each way from Elat by ojek.  The Hollat and Hollay waterfalls are also in this area and Banda Efruan is further north.

2.  Banda Efruan

The waterfall at Banda Efruan very large and impressive. If any tourists come here the numbers are likely less than 5/year.  A large group of children joined me on the walk from the village of Banda Efruan to the waterfall.  This waterfall is about an hour and 15 minutes each way from Hollatt–45 minutes by motorcycle and 30 minutes walking.  There may also be boats from Banda Ely to Langgur but I haven’t take these yet.

3.  Weduar

This waterfall is beautiful and has 2 levels which are separated by a small flat area.  From the village of Weduar it is only about 5 minutes by ojek and 5 minutes walk.  Weduar is in the Southeast of Kei Besar about 1.5-2 hours from Elat by ojek and so far as I know there aren’t any other attractions in this area.  There are also direct boats (2 hours) to the west coast village of Tamingil from Langgur (about 5 times a week).  They leave from the same place in Langgur as the boats to Elat.

4.  Harangur

This is the easiest waterfall to get to from Elat.  It is only about 20 minutes south by ojek, followed by a 5-10 minute walk.  The upper falls is quite scenic and photogenic.  The lower falls flows directly into the ocean and is probably best viewed from a boat.

5. Hollat

In some ways this is my favorite waterfall.  The first time I went here, the children wouldn’t let anyone speak anything other than the Kei language because of ghosts.  This year when I went there were 2 or 3 people in our group who were afraid to go to anything other than the lower level.  So we just swam at the lower level, which isn’t the most scenic but did provide a refreshing dip.  I didn’t mind skipping the upper level because I’d been here before.  Beware of ghosts!!

6.  Ad

The Ad waterfall near Ad village is a long 1.5 hour bouncy ride north of Elat.  This is one of the most powerful waterfalls and also has the most difficult access trail.  It is very slippery!  There are multiple levels here too as you will see in the photos below.  Note: There is also a cave near Ad which I haven’t been to.

7.  Soinrat

Soinrat waterfall is a short 10 minute ojek ride from Elat, followed by a long walk.  It took us 2 hours return from Soinrat, including swimming and photos.  The trail begins at the village of Soinrat and climbs up through multiple levels and through a lot of water, fallen trees and bush.  It was a fun journey but very tiring.  I went to the Ad waterfall in the morning and Soinrat waterfall the same afternoon.  Afterwards I was completely done…I haven’t been that exhausted in a long time.

8.  Hollay

This waterfall near the village of Hollay is more about the journey than the destination.  The entirety of the trip is swimming and crawling over rocks.  It is fun though, especially if you go with some locals!  The walk/swim from the road took an hour return including photo time.

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  1. Hello, have been to Hoko, but you mentioned a homestay in Hollat,
    Do you have any nr s? And was the condition of the homestay in Hollat?
    We would like to go back


    1. I stayed at a “Wisma Andi Delon”. It has a big sign and is downhill from the cell tower. It is only about 50 meters from the cell tower if I remember correctly. Sorry, I don’t have a phone number for them.

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