Goa Hawang

Goa Hawang

Goa Hawang is an amazing place to visit and could be a reason to visit Kei all by itself.  The cool, fresh water is perfect for a dip on a hot day:


Goa Hawang - swimming
Cave swimming in Kei

The water is deep, clean, cold and crystal clear. Try to go here when it is hot and sunny as it will be more refreshing and you will get better photos!

Swimming at Goa Hawang
More cave swimming

A trip here can also be combined with travel to Evu swimming pool, Wab or Ohoidertutu/Maedwaer.  Goa is Indonesian for cave and Hawang is the name of the cave.  I’ve been here a few times over the years and although it is no longer undiscovered, it is still possible to be alone here.


Stairs down to Goa Hawang
Stairs down to the cave


Arriving from Langgur, Goa Hawang is a few minutes after Debut on the right hand side.  It can be busy with locals on Sundays so try to come on a different day if possible.