11 new places to see in the Kei islands

11 new places to see in the Kei islands

In May/June 2018 I spent another 40 days in Kei.  I’ll write some more posts later on the Kei Besar waterfalls, accommodation and eating but for now here are some new places.  Some of these are difficult to get to and require more time/effort than the typical tourist has.  I list these in order of how much I enjoyed them:

1. Banda Efruan waterfall

Banda Efruan waterfall

This waterfall is about 30 minutes walk from Banda Efruan in the northeast of Kei Besar.  Children will likely join you on the walk and there is a nice swimming area below the falls.  I would be surprised if it saw more than 5 foreign tourists a year.  Maybe just me this year; who knows.

2. Weduar waterfall

Weduar waterfall

Located in the southeast of Kei Besar, this waterfall is also difficult to get to.  There is also a second lower level with a nice swimming area.  My ojek drove the narrow trail to within 5 minutes of the waterfall.  It is only a few minutes from the village of Weduar.

3. Seblaborat beach

Seblaborat beach

About 3 kilometers north of Coaster Cottages, this beach is very impressive.  Boat access is possible from Ohoidertawun or Coaster Cottages (shorter).  This was my first time here, but tourists do occasionally come here on boat trips.  There are 3 smaller beaches north of here that are also nice–as well as the nearby island of Ngaf.

4. Harangur waterfall

Harangur waterfall

Harangur waterfall is 20-30 minutes south of Elat on the west coast of Kei Besar.  The lower level flows directly into the sea and is probably best viewed from a boat.

Harangur waterfall – lower level

5. Forganza cafe

Forganza cafe

It’s unusual to list a restaurant as a destination but Forganza cafe has an ideal location, great food and reasonable prices.  It is just off the main road between Langgur and Pasir Panjang.

6. Ad Waterfall

Ad waterfall
Ad waterfall

This waterfall is in the northwest of Kei Besar near the village of Ad.  The route is very, very slippery.  There is also a larger upper waterfall where it is possible to bathe a bit.  The current is pretty strong here too.  Did I mention it is very slippery? If you wonder why the locals say ‘lichen’ the entire time; that is Indonesian for slippery.  I asked a local how many tourists came to the waterfalls and he said there were 3 last year:  one each from Germany, Netherlands, and Spain.

There is also supposed to be a large cave in the area but I didn’t know of its existence until I had already left.

7. Soinrat waterfall

Soinrat waterfall

This one is about 5-10 minutes north of Elat (trail starts at Soinrat village) and about 30-45 minutes walk through many levels of waterfalls.  Don’t worry that there’s not much water when you start the walk, there is more at the top.  A lot of the water disappears underground en route.

8. Japanese WWII bunker

WWII bunker

The bunker is in Ohoidertawun about 50 meters from Savana Cottages.  I had seen it before but I never knew what it was.  I do remember wondering what it was and thinking it was a silly thing to build.  I told Gersson at Savana Cottages that I wanted to go see a Japanese bunker on another Kei island and he informed there was one 50 meters away.  I was pretty shocked!  If you have a special interest, the nearby troop trail is barely visible too.  There was no WWII fighting in Kei, but the Japanese did apparently occupy it.

9. Ngaf island

Ngaf island

Off the northeast coast, this island has some beaches and seclusion.  The sand isn’t quite as nice as the beaches on the west coast of Kei Kecil.  Also, there is rather a lot of plastic.  Still, it is a nice place but it shouldn’t be on the top of your list.

10. Fair bridge

Fair bridge
Fair bridge

The bridge between Langgur and Fair is only for pedestrians and motorcyles.  It is very similar to the bridge at Tetoat near Debut.

11. Dutch fort near Elat

Dutch fort
Dutch fort

This small fort doesn’t compare to larger ones in Banda and other places.  It is kind of nice though.  It’s funny that there are houses built within the walls.  If you haven’t seen any old, dutch forts then this could be interesting.

Other places I haven’t been yet

  1.  I have seen a photo of a beach on Maas island (next to Bair island) that looks pretty sweet.
  2. There is a waterfall near Renfan in northeast Kei Besar.  I’ve seen a small photo that looks nice.
  3. As mentioned there is a large cave near Ad on Kei Besar.
  4. A wild boar hunter in Hollat (Kei Besar) told me there is a 100 meter high waterfall 5 hours walk west of Yamtimur.  That seems overly adventurous!

For previous destinations, please see 19 best places to visit in the Kei islands

Other news

1.  There are now direct flights between Makassar and Langgur with Sriwijaya Air.

2.  There are new tourist bungalows being built in Wab.  They should be ready sometime in July/August 2018.

3.  Lucy’s House in Ohoidertawun added a new room and is currently constructing 2 more buildings.  Some of the new rooms have AC.

4.  The road between Debut and Ohoidertawun on the west coast of Kei Kecil is almost completely redone.  There is no car bridge to access the road yet though–only by motorcycle.  Cars still have to go all the way around on the east coast.

5.  There is a relatively new festival called ‘Meti Kei’ where it is apparently possible to walk between some of the Kei islands.  The water between the islands is quite shallow to begin with and the phenomenon is probably related to a ‘neap tide’.  I’m not sure how impressive this actually is as I haven’t seen any photos yet.  In 2018 Meti Kei will be from October 18-22.

6.  There is a dive shop on Kei called Kei Pirate Divers that I haven’t previously mentioned on this site.  They opened in 2017.

7.  There is a tourist information office in Langgur near Pasar Langgur very close to hotel ‘Wisma Matahari’.  You can see it where it is on the map page.  There is also some tourist information in arrivals at the airport.


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