A nice daytrip to Ohoiew island

A nice daytrip to Ohoiew island

I joined 2 other tourists for a short trip to Ohoiew island.  This island has accommodation at Ohoiew Island Resort and is easily reached by boat from the mainland.   The village of Ohoi Ngilngof is the main access point, 1.6 kilometers from the island and near other points of interest in northwest Kei Kecil.

We took a quick car ride from Coaster Cottages to Ohoi Ngilngof, near Pasir Panjang, and then an even faster hop across to the island in a small boat.  The island is quite scenic and is most notable for a spit of sand stretching about 300 meters into the sea:

sand bar

The resort itself is quite posh and they were very welcoming even though we weren’t staying there.

Ohoiew Island resort
Ohoiew Island Resort

Bring food and drinks because there aren’t any for sale to persons not staying at the resort.  There are, however, nice sheltered picnic areas by the beach to picnic at.

Overall, it was a nice place to see and I enjoyed my brief visit.  It isn’t unmissable though either and if you don’t have a lot of time it is probably better to focus on Kei’s other attractions.  The resort could be a good option for travelers looking for quiet upscale accommodation as well as good 3G access.

Beach at Ohoiew island

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